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Picture of Church Security Seminar

Church Security Seminar


Church Security Seminar

Course Date:  Saturday October 21st from 8am to 5pm

Course Location: Dewitt County Sportsman's Club - Clinton IL

Course Overview:

This course focuses on mental and physical preparation of protecting higher risk targets (pastors) and innocent lives in crowded areas.  Legal aspects will be reviewed.  Identifying potential threats and responding appropriately.  Multiple threat acquisition, pistol marksmanship, moving and shooting, and identifying personal limits will be discussed and practiced.  Decision making will be a critical component of this course.  Drills will occur as individuals and in a team environment.  

The course will start with knocking the rust off, by drawing from holsters, rapidly reloading, and making shot placement.  It will progress to shooting and then moving, shooting while moving, using cover and concealment, and close quarter shooting.  During the course, you will make quick decisions, including shoot/no-shoot scenarios.   

Upon satisfactorily completing the class, the student will have the advanced knowledge in using their pistol in defensive situations in a large group setting.  The student will also receive a Double Tap Academy certificate of completion.


Prerequisites:  Illinois Concealed Carry Course or equivalent.


Course equipment list - to be provided by the student:

  1. Quality defensive pistol– 9mm, 40S&W, 45ACP, 38/357, or other defensive pistol capable of comfortably shooting approximately 250 rounds of ammunition.
  2. Minimum of 250 rounds of decent quality, reliable ammunition. Range ammunition (FMJ, etc.) is fine. 
  3. A quality retention style holster – You need a strong-side, belt or inside the waistband holster. For safety reasons, cross draw holsters, fanny packs, shoulder holsters, and generic-fitted nylon holsters are not good for this course. For safety reasons, Serpa-style holsters are highly discouraged.
  4. A minimum of 3 magazines or speed loaders for your handgun. 
  5. A magazine pouch/ holder for at least 2 of your spare magazines or speed loaders. 
  6. A sturdy belt, to support the holster, handgun, magazine pouch, and spare magazines. 
  7. Hearing and ear protection
  8. Billed cap or other brimmed headwear. 
  9. Jacket or vest to be used for drawing from concealment. 
  10. Clothing suitable for the weather and the range. If necessary, we will finish our range work in whatever conditions exist at class time, live-fire exercises will run rain or shine. 
  11. Note taking materials. You will need to take LOTS of notes. We will explain why during class. If you wish to use a laptop computer, that is OK. No audio/video recording is allowed. 
  12. Food for meals the day.

These items are just the essentials. You may bring additional items (such as range bags, extra magazines, additional ammunition, etc.), if you choose.

 At the end of the course there will be a qualifier.  It is recommended that students use the defensive pistol carried in the holster and loaded iwth the ammunition carried as they would in the church setting.

Church Security Seminar - 10/21