Our services include:

  • Safety, emergency, and contigency planning to churches, businesses, and individuals.  
Preplanning for high-stress situations greatly increase the chance of a positive outcome.  We help our clients do that planning by assessing the risks, identifying the impacts, implement mitigating factors, and then plan for those areas of greatest concern.  Our scope of work includes: fires, medical, natural disasters, and human safety.  We work with the organizations and individuals to identify the coverage areas, build the plan, and assist in training and testing the plan so that everyone knows what to do and when to do it.
  • Security consulting
Our security consulting practice assists organizations and individuals in special areas where they need assistance.  These areas may include alarm systems, notification processes, video survelliance, executive protection, building security, identity theft, and many other special areas required by our clients.
  • Private firearms training

In addition to our defensive training courses, we provide individual and private firearms training.

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