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My husband has been a longtime proponent of concealed carry. I have been neutral. But after taking the concealed carry classes with Rob Keller of Double Tap Academy I am now a strong proponent. The professions represented in my class were firemen, an assistant state’s attorney, lawyers, a retired judge, an accountant, hospital employees, factory workers, doctors and businessmen. After taking this course I would welcome any of them in any establishment I patronize.

My husband has always owned handguns, rifles and shotguns. I am no longer afraid of them and feel I could safely defend myself with a gun if my husband was not home. The handgun safety that was learned was worth every penny. The instructors were marvelous and the range instructors diligent in assuring safe discharge and proper gun use.

Jackie Dozier - Bloomington

Dear Rob,

 I want you to know how impressed I was with your Double Tap Academy NRA Basic Pistol/ Illinois CCL course.  You and your instructors were very professional, knowledgeable, and engaging.  Todd Roseberry’s analysis of the legal issues was spot on, in my opinion.  Your range officers were exceptional, not only in their focus on safety, but for their patience and kindness in helping us persevere through what turned out to be a very cold and unpleasant day to shoot (it was a January day in central Illinois, after all).

In addition, I picked up some pointers on grip and follow-through that are already improving my shooting performance.  Thank you so much.

I highly recommend this course for anyone seeking their Illinois Conceal Carry License or just wanting to become more competent with a handgun.

Please convey our thanks to all your staff.

Ron Dozier - Bloomington, IL

Retired Circuit Judge

When my husband, Larry, suggested we attend a class for our conceal carry permit, I admit I was very nervous. I hadn't touched a firearm since I was a young kid. We looked at several classes before deciding on Double Tap Academy.

Double Tap Academy had everything we were looking for in a class. My husband and I picked Double Tap Academy for two main reasons, the quality and experience of the instructors and the portion of the class that covered the legal aspects of carrying a firearm.   Rob provided a class that appealed to novices like myself and to more seasoned firearm owners like my husband.   We enjoyed that camaraderie that Rob and the other instructors built with us and the other students. I not only gained the knowledge and the confidence that will help me with making the decision on whether or not to conceal carry but I walked away friendships, too. 

Kim - 
LeRoy, IL


Thanks again for an excellent CC training class. I especially liked the classroom / Q & A session with the attorney covering conceal carry. Even with several decades of handgun experience, the training and qualifying that were above and beyond what the Illinois State Police require was well worth the time and expense. I have several friends who took what I would call a "bare bones" training course. I consider this an initial investment in my firearms training. My wife and I plan on taking more advanced training at Double Tap Academy in the future. Thanks again

Dan - 
Washington, IL

I would highly recommend the CCW course from Double Tap Academy to anyone interested in conceal carry or just wanting to learn more about handgun self defense.  I liked the quality of all the instructors.  The wealth of experience and knowledge represented by Rob and the others was not only immensely helpful gaining wisdom on firearms, safety and legal aspects, but it made me confident to actually believe what they were teaching.  The legal aspects were presented by an attorney who believes in the second amendment, and range instructors included former military and police personnel.  It included not only skill instruction and training, but stressed the emotional and legal aspects of self defense.  The range time was cold and snowy, but hey, do bad guys always strike when it's 70 degrees and sunny?  Overall a great experience. 

Rick - Lexington, IL

Dear Mr. Keller, 

I am writing to thank you for the instruction I received through my participation in your 2-day pistol course. I have to admit that even having been around firearms my entire life and having a good understanding of them I was a bit nervous to be in a classroom with others. Plus, what else would I learn? My fears were short lived as I not only felt very comfortable with the information presented but also the way in which it was done was such that any questions I had were answered readily.

I especially appreciate the time spent on the legal aspects of using lethal force. And the time spent on making wise choices was made easy to understand by your sharing of real world stories about decision making.

I also want to point out how much the range time drills that we did helped me in my target acquisition and accuracy! You kept driving home the fundamentals of drawing the weapon, presenting to the target and sight picture. I have to admit that it felt well…simple. I thought I knew what to do. But the repetition combined with the pointers you gave dramatically improved my shooting and confidence.

I would like you to know that through the written materials, class room discussion, and live drills I have a much better understanding of how stressful conditions can affect my ability to perform in a defensive situation. I know this was a real eye opener for me as well as the other students.

Finally, I have shared with fellow co-workers, friends and church members about what I experienced during the class. I truly believe you have a great class and I expect that you will see some of them in your future schools.

Thanks again for a great time! 

Stuart - Bloomington, IL

My husband and I took this course together.  

We learned a lot of detailed information that makes us better, more responsible gun owners.  

We spent time on the range as well.  My husband was absolutely delighted when they really worked with him to get his grip right.  It totally changed his shot and he's BEYOND excited about that.  :)

I especially want to encourage women to take this course.  They teach you so much.  I know how to better care for my guns, how to best store them and of course I spent my first time on the range which was so much fun!

Rob is a fantastic teacher and I will proudly share that my first teacher was Rob Keller and his friendly and helpful wife Diane.  Thank you both, your service is wonderful! 

Kiki - Normal, IL

Dear Rob,

I wanted to take a minute to let you know what a fantastic time I had at your NRA Basic Pistol / Illinois CCL course.  As you know I took another CCL course for Illinois and didn’t feel like I got what I needed from the class.  After sitting through your 16 hour course I am sure I didn’t get what I needed out of the first course I took.  Having Todd come in to cover the legal aspect of concealed carry is worth the cost of the course all by itself.  Add to that the value of the time we spent in class with the laser guns drawing and changing magazines and the class is a great value, and that was only day one.  Day two was even better.  Having a veteran police officer as one of the instructors is invaluable because as a student you get the perspective of the guys that you may have to interact with at some point while armed.  Knowing what to do and what not to do and hearing it from a retired officer really makes it stick.  You could have done a little better with the weather on Sunday but other than that the time on the range was by far the best instruction / practice I have had to date.  I feel the time spent with you and your team has given me a good foundation to build on; and I plan to do just that.  Although I hope I never have to use a firearm to defend myself or my family, I feel a lot more prepared to deal with the situation now than I did after completing my first CCL course. 

Thanks Again,

Bob – Jacksonville, IL

I wanted to let you know how much good I got out of your 2 day training session in September.  I felt you did a nice job of balancing the inside classroom sessions with the actual outside shooting at targets.  You certainly have put a lot of time and thought behind this well-rounded program.

Part of what I was looking to get was seeing what the actual NRA pistol training would be like.  I thought that going over potential real-life situations in a group setting was the best paprt of the classroom sessions.  I found great value in talking out "what-ifs" with the other students and hearing different points of view.  I liked the discussion about the legalities of if and when one can shoot, enough to go out and purchase some additional books on gun laws and concealed carry options.  I firmly believe that if a person is going to carry a sidearm and is faced with a life or death situation, they will be quicker to make the proper decisions if they have been in a class like yours and have fully considered what they should do.

Shooting outside at different times helped to break up the time spent inside, and was a good reinforcement of the theories you presented in the classroom.  I had not run 400 rounds through my Glock in a 2 day period before so I felt this helped me get more comfortable with the gun, and also made me more aware and confident in the gun and in my abilities to present it if the need ever arises.  It was fun shooting the qualification targets and also a good learning experience.  And I learned quite a lot from speaking to the others in the class about their choice of pistols and being able to inspect and handle them.

Again, thanks for this training session, and I look forward to attending additional classes you offer in the future.

Scott - Mackinaw, IL

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