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Double Tap Academy is dedicated to providing the best and highest quality firearms training to our students, so that they are prepared to safely and efficiently use their firearms.  We offer a variety of course to meet specific needs, yet our focus is specifically on introductory courses and self-defense courses. 

If you are new to shooting - look at our NRA Basic Pistol Course.  It is perfect for the new pistol owner or for someone looking to buy their first firearm.

Those interested in obtaining Illinois' Concealed Carry Permit should attend our 16 or 8 hour Illinois Concealed Carry Course.  Our concealed carry course exceeds the State's requirements so that law abiding and responsible students are better positioned for success in their home, on the street, and in the courtroom.

Students who are interested in increasing their pistolshooting skills with advanced courses, we offer:

  • Massad Ayoob’s MAG 20 Stressfire Range course which builds tremendous defensive shooting skills.

  • Advanced Night Shooting course for individuals wanting to be educated in the use of flashlights, identifying and shoot targets in low/no light situations.  This is a must-have course as most defensive situations occur in low light.

Individuals interested in learning more about defending themselves and their family inside the home should look at our NRA - Personal Protection inside the Home Course.  This course requires completion of the NRA Basic Pistol or equivalent. 

Students wishing to plan and be more prepared to defend themselves when on the streets should consider our adavanced NRA - Personal Protection outside the Home Course.  This is a two day course solely focused on self-defense away from the home.

Additionally, Double Tap Academy offers an Introductory Defensive Shotgun and Introductory Defensive Rifle course for students wishing to build the skills needed to effectively and efficiently operate these firearms.  These courses were develop by Dave Stephens a retired Master Firearms Instructor with the Normal Police Department. 

Individuals who spend time on the shooting range and wishing to become a Range Safety Officer, may also take our NRA Range Safety Officer course.

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