Double Tap Academy's Mission

Our Mission is:

To provide safe, effective, and comprehensive firearm training with honor and integrity that will meet each student’s individual needs.

As a student in our courses, you can expect:

  • A highly safe shooting environment.
    • A low student to instructor ratio, ensuring safety.
    • Clear range instructions are communicated before drills.
    • Techniques are used to build skills prior to actual shooting

  • Techniques are taught so that students learn to operate their firearms in a very effective manner.
    • Firearms marksmanship techniques are taught so create a strong baseline.
    • Defensive pistol courses incorporate drawing from holsters and performing reloads.
    • Teaching techniques are utilized so that students can see, hear, and do; increasing understanding and retention.

  • The Double Tap team is passionate about providing a comprehensive training curriculum.
    • Explanation of types of firearms and their operations, plus the advantages/disadvantages of each.
    • Adequate range time to build skills and confidence.
    • In-depth legal aspects in self-defense courses.
    • Real life scenarios so that students can apply the material.
    • Regardless of the course, we always exceed the course requirements.

  • with Honor and Integrity
    • Instructor are passionate about the sport and assisting students in how to protect their family
    • The instructors view their role as a calling, and consider it a privilege to assist
    • The legal aspects are taught by local attorneys who invest lots of time understanding self-defense laws.
    • Classroom instruction is provided by highly qualified instructors, educated in multiple disciples.
    • Biblical principles and standards are upheld. 

  • Meet each student's individual needs
    • Instruction is provided customized to each student's needs and skill level.
    • Lend firearms to students who have the wrong firearm or don't own a firearm.
    • Male and female instructors to meet individual desires.
    • Provide time for questions and answers, so student specific questions and perspectives can be made.

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