Why have or carry a firearm for Self Defense?


The answer is fairly straight forward, so that we have a tool to allow us to respond to a serious threat where someone else has chosen to kill or seriously harm us or someone in our care.

Clearly, we pray every day of our lives that we remain safe and never have to be in that position.  However, we recognize that the impact of not having a firearm to defend ourselves is so great that we aren’t willing to take the risk.  To that end, we train our minds and bodies so should that horrible day ever occur we can stop the perpetrators’ attack.  This may sound harsh, but carrying a firearm is not about being cool, having a false sense of security, being more aggressive, or taking more risks.  It is about:

    • Being responsible and accountable for our actions.
    • Maintaining a very high set of moral characteristics (ethics & integrity)
    • Understanding one’s purpose in protecting innocent life.

 We prepare and train our minds and bodies so that:

  • We can act responsibly and therefore accountable for our actions.
  • Our character remains high – ethics & integrity.
  • We have natural reactions (muscle memory).
  • We are more confident and consistent in our actions.
  • We are humble and seek to avoid issues, rather than go looking for trouble.
  • We are more alert. 
  • We can protect those who depend on us.
  • We know how our bodies will respond under stress.
  • We know how to survive afterwards.
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