Introduction to Series on Self-Defense

by Rob Keller

Self Defense and the Bible – SDSM - Volume 1 No. 2 ~ Summer, 2013


There are many aspects to self-defense, many facts to consider, and many choices that need to be made. We will begin a 10-part series in this edition of SDS Magazine that will cover many of these aspects.

  1. Protecting What the Lord Entrusted to My Care
  2. What the Bible Says About Self-Defense
  3. Self-Defense Inside the Home
  4. Developing a Safety Plan
  5. Selecting the Right Self-Defense Firearm and Ammunition
  6. Self-Defense and the Law – Before, During, and After
  7. Identifying and Responding to the Threat
  8. Commitment, Consistency, Accuracy, and Confidence
  9. Balancing Firearm Accessibility and Security
  10. Selecting Accessories – Lights, Lasers, and Holsters

This series of articles is designed to help the reader make choices that best suit them and the purpose that God has created for their life.  The articles are designed to be thought-provoking ideas, not an instruction manual on exactly what to do.  The choices that are right for one will not be best for someone else.  The second article will offer online opportunities to further discuss and debate the topic.  We hope you will enjoy each article and prayerfully consider the Lord's direction in your life.

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